set designer for opera and perfomance designer

Walk! # 0 Pilota  

Bosco Bazzoni / Basovizza / Trieste 

Performance design / Elena Zamparutti + Francesco Cocco
Performers / Nina Alexopoulou + Chiara Gerion + Raffaele Moratto + Delphi Morpurgo + Michael Petronio
Contributors / Ispettore Diego Masiello + Maresciallo Anastasia Puri
Tech + audience welcoming / Andrea Albrizio, Paola Cantarutti, Michele Del Bono, Alberto Nedoh, Bruno Pittini, Benedetta Porcelli, Marco Rossetti Cosulich, Giulio Sancin, Arianna Simonetto, Vittoria Spinelli, Tommaso Suttora

Production / terrafine in co-organization with Comune di Trieste
Photos / Benedetta Porcelli + Alba Zari

They're named black holes because they are related to human fears of being destroved or gobbled up. I don't have fears of being thrown into them. I understand them. I feel in a sense that I am their master.

Stephen Hawking

The act of walking in nature has been the first way the human kind used to know and to shape the world before architecture. The action of walking has double value of reading and writing the space. The human body can be considered both as an instrument of percention and as an instrument of creation.

A group of strangers was invited to get out from the city and reach an outdoor space, surrounded by nature. In this place, without the boundaries of everyday life, the group lived a pertormative experience of walk, crossing, exploration, interaction and sharing of thoughts that leads to consciously shape and expand the perception of space: both of oneself or someone else.

L’unica architettura che attraversava il mondo Paoleolitico era il percorso, il primo segno antropico capace di insinuare un ordine artificiale nei territori del caos naturale.

Francesco Careri, Walkspace


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