set designer for opera and perfomance designer



Fashion Designer / Roberta Meola
Photography / Cristina Salvi
Location + Set creative director / Elena Zamparutti
Model / Denise Campbell
Make up / Giada Stocco 
Location / Liceo Artistico Enrico e Umberto Nordio, Trieste

> Vogue Italia / Article 2021


“Tailoring project characterized by conscious processing through upcycling and zero-waste pattern cutting. The work focuses on recovering clothes and materialscollected, aiming to enrich them with a new shape andidentity characterized by unique garments with
non-replicable aesthetics. The silhouettes are simple and to create volumes I usedcoulisse or rouches, simple patterns that employ thewhole fabric area to reduce waste during the cuttingphase.
The traditional fashion concept intends production as astep where fabric orders are done following the drawingand design requirements. On the contrary, the Leftover uniqueness consists of conceiving a collection makingthe best of the quantity and types of textiles available. So every design is made in proportion to raw materials already existing.”

Roberta Meola

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