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Interspace walking

Cortile di Fabbrica Alta Schio - Schio - Conversazioni Festival 2021

Performance design / Elena Zamparutti + Francesco Cocco
Coreography / Giovanna Garzotto + Cristina Bacilieri Pulga + Milly Cuman
Performers / Dance Well dancers - parkinson’s research and movement 
Special thanks to Prof. Filippo Ferreri for the introduction to the work of Olinto De Pretto

Part of the 2021 Culture Call of the Municipality of Schio / Schio cultura
Support / Fondazione Teatro Civico di Schio + Festival Conversazioni + Dance Well + Casa Capra
Photos Luigi de Fraenza


"Heat, light, magnetism, electricity, attraction and in general all the forms under which energy manifests itself, they would not exist if not as a derivative of the innate force of this universal fluid, transformed by friction and by the multiple actions within the material aggregates."

Olinto de Pretto
Hypothesis of ether in the life of the universe
Schio, 1st April 1903.

“Hypothesis of the ether in the life of the universe” is the result of the research of the physicist Olinto De Pretto presented at the Reale Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettere e Arti in 1903.
The performance, created in collaboration with Dance Well, originates from the desire to approach De Pretto's work from a non-scientific but poetic point of view: to extrapolate from the language a literary inspiration that allows us to create a situation in which the relationships between matter and energy are translated in human movements, relationships and emotions.

At the same time we want to give voice to a written trace of the past of the local territory that has dealt with a central topic to the research of the last century. These contents, even if they are outdated or proven to be erroneous from a scientific point of view, become material rich in potential to seek alternative and unexpected ways in which to relate to each other, to one's past and to the future.

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